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This tool lightly grips the heads of bolts and screws for easier insertion into tight or blind spots. No more dropped or lost parts. Tool has one end for -3 (3/16”) fasteners and one for -4 (1/4”) fasteners. The Bolt Grip is made from flexible stainless steel with an overall length of 12”.

Bolt Grip

  • This tool grips the head of bolts, screws, etc. for easier insertion into tight or blind spots.  One end is for -3 (3/16") and the other end is for -4 (1/4") fasteners.  Smaller screws can also be held in the small end.

    The handle is made from 304 stainless steel and can be bent at different angles, should you need to get into tighter spaces or around other objects.

    The finger tabs are made from 2024 aluminum, and can be closed up by pushing down against the stainless handle.  If you need to install a fastener with a washer, the washer can go under the finger tabs with the fastener head, or the washer can be located on the fastener body above the tabs.

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