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This innovative tool solves the problem of that out of reach grasp.  Have you ever been working on a job where you needed to put a clamp, nut, or bolt on something that was just out of reach of your fingers or another bulky tool?  The Handee Clamp makes that job easy.  Simply put that nut, clamp, or bolt on one end and then tighten the nut on the other end to secure.  Designed to firmly hold nuts, bolts, and clamps in its easily adjustable jaws, the Handee Clamp acts as a small, versatile vise grip enabling you to focus on the job at hand.  You won't have to worry about dropping that nut or bolt into that pesky floor drain ever again, or fight with that hose clamp as you work on that transmission line.  From a professional auto or aviation mechanic, to a do-it-yourselfer that always has a project on deck in your garage at home, you need this tool in your inventory.

Please do not be fooled by other brands that make their products in China.  

The Handee Clamp is the original extension clamp tool that is made right here in the USA.

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About Us

Our mission here at C & C Handee Clamp, LLC is to provide you with a quality product for a reasonable price.  Our tool is made with American products and American hands right here in the USA.  As a father and son from Iowa, we believe there is no substitute for hard work.  Our family owned business is built on honesty and integrity, and we want to share that trait with our customers.  Our mission is to build long lasting relationships with you, so more people can benefit from our tool while we continue to grow our brand and business.




Handee Clamp tool
Holds all sizes bolts and nuts 1/8" - 3/4"
Designed to reach in those tights spaces that your hands or other bulky tools can't.
Handee Clamp tool
Holds nut from turning.
Acts as that extra set of hands you need while working in the tightest of spaces.
Handee Clamp tool
Compresses gas lines and hose clamps.
Acts as a vise grip so you don't have to worry about keeping constant pressure with your pliers while focusing on the job at hand.
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Handee Clamp tool

Aviation Mechanics

While working on an airplane, one will inevitably encounter a tight space.  The Handee Clamp will securely hold onto whatever you put in its jaws, enabling you to reach into that tight crevice so you can focus on the job at hand and not worry about dropping the hardware you need.  It also works great with those pesky Adel clamps that can be difficult to hold down while securing the bolt.

Automotive Mechanics

Whether you are working under the dash or under the hood, an auto mechanic will eventually encounter a situation where they will need that extra reach the Handee Clamp can provide.  Many argue a set of needle nose pliers can do the same job, but the profile of the handles will still handcuff any good mechanic as they reach into the tight space.  Pliers also require constant pressure, something you do not need to worry about with the Handee Clamp.

Handee Clamp tool

Around The House

If you have a tool box at home, make sure you have this tool in your inventory.  There is no telling when the next time you'll need The Handee Clamp to help you with that "Out of Reach Grasp".  For a relatively inexpensive product, it can save you hours of frustration that makes it more than worth its value.  

Finally!!!  Someone developed a useful tool and not too expensive either. Works on several different functions....holding clamps, nuts, bolts and whatever else you can't reach inside an aircraft panel....almost like a third hand.


From Arizona

It's a great and handy tool to get into tight spaces.
I wish they were available years earlier when I was a mechanic!


From Washington

Wow... this is a required tool... can't believe I didn't buy this sooner. Worth twice the price.


From Georgia

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